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"Black Malkin" is the creative writing aspect of [personal profile] jerrycornelius, and this journal is the digital equivalent of a Moleskine notebook, where he can keep the muddle of his creative writing snippets seperate from his own personal journal.

An ongoing project is the Luminous Sphere at [community profile] zimiamvia, which is a rambling collection of fables and tales set in a mytho-fantasy world that draws inspiration and influence from a multitude of sources.

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80s goth, ancient civilizations, ancient egypt, ancient greece, ancient history, antinous, antiques, archaeology, bagoas, books, byron, c j cherryh, cat sidhe, cat sith, cats, charles de lint, chocolate, christopher marlowe, coffee, conservation, corvids, creative writing, crows, cyberpunk, dark fantasy, day of the dead, daydreaming, deserts, drums, e r eddison, ecology, elizabeth bear, elizabethan age, elric, environment, ethnic music, exoticism, fae, faeries, fantasy, fiction writing, films, folk art, folk music, folklore, gay erotica, gay fiction, gay rights, glam, glam rock, glitter, gohatto, gormenghast, goth music, gothic fiction, haribo, hermaphrodites, herodotus, history, homoeroticism, homosexuality, jerry cornelius, jonathan rhys meyers, legends, literature, lovecraft, lycanthropy, mary renault, melnibone, mervyn peake, michael moorcock, muses, mysticism, mythology, myths, naomi novik, neil gaiman, novels, ocelots, orchids, orientalism, pan erotica, panerotica, pedro almodovar, persian boy, photography, pirates, punk, quantum physics, queer fiction, remedios varo, renaissance, retro, riddick, roleplay, samurai, sarah monette, science, science fiction, seelie, shapeshifting, sidhe, sisters of mercy, steampunk, steven saylor, storm constantine, storytelling, surrealism, symbolism, tanith lee, tattoos, temeraire, the tudors, therianthropy, tim burton, travel, unseelie, urban fantasy, velvet underground, vintage, web design, weird fantasy, werewolves, william gibson, world music, wraeththu, writing, wuxia, zoanthropy
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