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A few months ago I was lucky enough to obtain Hannah Willow's Moon Hare Oracle. This is a boxed set of 12 pebbles hand-painted with symbols and 12 corresponding cards, which may be worked alone or together. The hare is one of my totem animals and the artwork of the cards is absolutely beautiful, so although I'm generally sceptical of new-agey divination sets, I found myself strongly drawn to this oracle. It wasn't very easy to obtain - the artist makes it in limited numbers at a time and I had to wait - but the more I've handled and mused on it, the more I've found myself connecting with it.

While talking about creative prompts for writers recently,[personal profile] ashtoreth mentioned that she had really enjoyed the Tarot for Writers exercises. Loved the idea, but I wasn't sure it would work for me - I didn't want to follow a complicated technique and don't believe I'm sufficiently in tune with tarot symbolism and all its complex layers of interpretation to use it as creativity and writing practice. It did make me start thinking about alternative systems though, and that's when I got my Moon Hare Oracle out again.

Although the Oracle also has layers of meaning and interpretation, its messages focus on the cycle of life and connectedness with the land - themes that resonate strongly with me. The twelve symbols/cards each have distinct messages that readily suggest prompts for writing a character or a scene. And so I'm going to try this, taking each card in turn and seeing where it leads me, and with whom. This will be my project for the New Year. A character is already forming in my head to walk this mythic road, and I think it will play out in [community profile] smoke_and_ivy.*

The twelve cards are:
  1. New Beginnings Hare
  2. Corn Mother Hare
  3. Hare of Awakening - 
  4. Running Hare
  5. Two Hares
  6. Ancestor Hare
  7. Dreamtime Hare
  8. Dancing the Change Hare
  9. Many Choices Hare
  10. Second Sight Hare
  11. Hare of Endings
  12. The Spirit Hare

* A community rather than a personal journal in case other people or personas which to play in the stream too.


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